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Analyzing problems on #LinkedIn (part 2 of 3)


Blogger’s note: In the last post we spoke of a few problems people express that they have with LinkedIn. Let’s spend a few lines analyzing them further.

Problem: LinkedIn is not getting you inquiries. Think about how amazing (or not) you are you making yourself look.

No one dances with a wallflower. You have to be attractive in mind, body, and spirit on LinkedIn: use the pronoun “I” and power verbs, express complex issues succinctly, use multimedia to show your breadth of experience beyond words, make this a business presentation because it is, appeal to an attention-deficit reader. Be memorable because the others you are competing with all look the same and use LinkedIn like a resume on electrons. Be the opposite of the competition, yet remain true to your own personality and self-expression.

Problem: You can’t express your inner core values and you have topics instead of actual honed skills showing in this very important area of your profile. Here’s where you have to think deeper and put yourself in the reader’s seat. And no one ever wrote a profile in one sitting. Do it section by section on Word and keep tweaking and editing. But, it’s one thing for you to say how well experienced you are, and we all grapple with this anyway, but do you showcase others who reinforce and concur with your expressed capabilities and skills via endorsements and recommendations? They are vital to making you seem larger than you say you are.

Problem: You hate your job and can’t find another.
Open the job tab on LinkedIn for open positions you can be considered for and what the hiring manager is looking for in the right candidate(s). Read deeply for key words, for expertise, certifications, and volunteer when you apply to show a great piece of writing in your topic area (most hiring managers lament that no one writes well any more). Ask trusted connections to keep an ear out for you as you are seeking a better position. Open this section on LinkedIn to get recruiter attention (and only you will know it’s been activated).

To all of the above points, I was interviewed by Jane Beddall of Dovetail Resolutions in her podcast series “Crafting Solutions to Conflict” in which I shared some thoughts on effectively preventing and managing conflicts for my clients. Here’s the link to the podcast: 
I hope it helps you at some point, when you eventually need this information.

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