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Problems on #LinkedIn (part 1 of 3)

A three part series: Problem, Analysis, Solution.

Problem: LinkedIn is not getting you inquiries. Think about how amazing (or not) you are you making yourself look.
Problem: You can’t express your inner core values and have topics (Management, Finance, 401k, etc.) instead of actual learned and honed skills showing in this very important area of your profile. Get out of your own way and think about why clients hire you. No one hires you for “Management” or “401k.”
Problem: You hate your job and can’t find another. Consider a wholesale rewrite of your career story on LinkedIn to complement your resume and give the hiring manager/recruiter something to spend time reading something different from the rest.
The problem: you have difficulty with self-expression. Your branding is generic-ized for fear of being different. Yet you need to be different to be recognized, appreciated, hired, memorable.
I hear all sorts of naysaying: LinkedIn is not helping you, it has no ROI, it’s a waste of time, you get no value added, you can’t say those things publicly for fear of seeming ego-centered, etc.
The problem is the perception, your complaints. Perhaps that problem is you. That lizard brain is slinking and slithering out again!
The solution is using a power tool like LinkedIn, but properly. Let’s analyze these problems further in tomorrow’s blog post.

To all of the above points, I was interviewed by Jane Beddall of Dovetail Resolutions in her podcast series “Crafting Solutions to Conflict” in which I shared some thoughts on effectively preventing and managing conflicts for my clients. Here’s the link to the podcast: 

I hope it helps you at some point, when you eventually need this information.