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One of the most important #LinkedIn ideas I can teach you

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Follow the thread of LinkedIn messages:

Jackie Jones (not her real name): Hi Marc, I just came across your profile, noticed 2 impressive connections we both share, and thought we might be able to assist each other. I hope you’ll accept my invitation to connect. -Jackie

Marc W. Halpert: Have we met?

How can I help you?


Jackie: I reached out to you on the basis of us both being connected to John X and Sally Y and we’re both in coaching. LinkedIn is usually a 2 way street, isn’t it?

Marc: Jackie, I teach this all the time and it’s really important: networking is like someone coming to your front door: you’re not going to invite anyone inside unless there is a good reason, hence my second question.

I suggest you adhere to what LinkedIn suggests as well: get to know your intended connection invitees first.

In this case, our mutual connections with John and Sally are not a determining factor.

My policy is to connect to people I have done business with and get to know well. As a result, I will respectfully decline your invitation.

Thanks, Marc

There, I had to say it. While it’s not pleasant to receive a turn-down, nor do I relish sending one, I try to deliver it professionally.

Don’t be a promiscuous linker. Know your connections well. This is not quantum physics. It’s common sense.

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