Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Ice broken!

ice-746925_1920We were spinning our wheels, accomplishing little in weekly phone conference calls.

My idea (not that it’s so brilliant): meet in person.

Yes, it took more time for me to travel there, park, meet, and return, but it was an investment. Breaking ice with a new client is often a gamble but IMHO required: just some real human interaction to become accustomed to different independent styles. Imagine that!

All it took was a meeting IRL (in real life) rather than the easier way out, by phone or email.

We started by acknowledging we were connected to a great mutual colleague and by the end of the meeting we connected on LinkedIn, a token of continued conversation; far better than not, the ice broken with smooth sailing ahead.

Spontaneity, interaction, eye contact, body language, challenging questions with appropriate answers, and by the end of the session, the prospective client asked me to connect to him, and this new piece of business that started around a simple LinkedIn training session is blossoming into a really nice long-term project.

Use LinkedIn as a fulcrum. You have to get out sometimes and press the flesh too…

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