farewell-3258939_1920Ideally, employees are resources and credits to your company or nonprofit.

And they leave you sometimes: amicably or not-so.

Don’t forget that their headline and job experience need to reflect the conclusion of their employment with you. It’s easy and fast to do but often forgotten.

I know some companies require these changes are made with the employee as part of the exit interview.

You should check your company profile page to be sure the employees listed are still current employees there. If some stragglers remain, contact them through LinkedIn messaging to remove the “current” date on their job while with your firm and show their correct departure date.

If applicable, you want to remove them from the company’s Group page on LinkedIn, (your choice), and that should just about finalize the connectivity of them to you currently.

Of course, they are allowed to show their past work period with you, professionally explained and hopefully without any sensitive material showing (slide decks, samples of work, etc.)

Sometimes they just won’t cooperate, despite your asking them to make these changes after they have left your employ. LinkedIn has a procedure to facilitate this. If this sounds dramatic, it is, but “LinkedIn relies on the integrity of its members in providing true and accurate information in their accounts, and does not control or vet user-generated content for accuracy. Submitting a Notice will not necessarily result in the removal of the account or information.,” as the procedure webpage advises.

Alas and alack, parting is not always such sweet sorrow.