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Resist the demise of business etiquette

politeThe conversation around the networking breakfast table last week settled into a generalized disdain for how we entrepreneurs are treated. Not just big businesses jerking us around. This goes for how entrepreneurs treat fellows, on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

No reply once, and then no reply again on a second follow-up to an original email; no returned phone call once, twice, more times, to get something accomplished; no response to a proposal.

I always leave a message or email: “no is OK, maybe is better and yes is the best of them all, but when can we work together?” Then I can gauge my time and work for them and others.

If the answer is no, I ask where my proposal was deficient but rarely get the needed intelligence to consider if this is a trend to better reprice myself for the next project.

And  another thing…the one that really gets me: that phone call deliberately well after hours, putting the onus on me to call the person back as a follow up they place on me, the recipient; IMHO a cheap act by the initiator.

There are so many…the war stories swirled at the table.

So I ask rhetorically, what happened to polite business practice? Respect and concern? Replies? Mutual admiration that led to collaborative effort despite differences? Or is being honest too difficult, as in not being confident by directly replying “no thank you” to my query–I’ve had very few of those lately. is this a trend? I hope not.

This pandemic of uncaring seems to be the new norm. Yes, I get that it’s business, not personal, but it now seems acceptable to be aloof, distant, rude, impertinent, late to a meeting, or late meeting a deadline. Where does this emanate from? Whose ethos allows that?

Not me, not mine.

I shall prevail in my quest to restore our gentility. Nevertheless, I persist (thank you Elizabeth Warren).

To get a new perspective, a better handle on being nicer, read the book “Wonder” to learn about the virtues of being decent and caring to others and emulate the author’s precepts (you will find out why I chose that word from the book) and let’s rise above the mean of the meanies.

Join me please? Would you spread this around too? Thank you.

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