Today's LinkedIn Nugget

“I knew I could, but I didn’t know I would”

wallflowerNetworking is so rewarding when in a big, noisy, energetic room you find one kindred spirit, one person so truly fascinating that you want to interrogate (in the best sense of the word) him to know all about the complex and rich career story he has to tell. He is not a networking wallflower.

In this case he ran for a local political seat, and knew he could raise the needed funding, but never expected he actually would raise the minimum, and then some, his eyes sparkling and his verbal pace heightening as he related this story. Spoiler: he came in second, but as he qualified that: a neophyte as a close second to the incumbent.

Not that he doubted himself.

I was anxious to read his LinkedIn profile, which he encouraged me to briefly review.

I knew I could find it a case study in self-description, but did not know I would be moved to blog about it…

Then came the disconnect!

I met this A+, personable, articulate and exuberant individual who has relegated his brand marketing on LinkedIn to a slightly-interesting-yet-slightly-dull LinkedIn profile.

A solid C+ LinkedIn profile, a smidge above average. OK, I can be harsh; perhaps a B-, as if there’s much difference between the two.

He has so much more to say, better, with more depth, and how he speaks in person is how it should read in electronic words on his profile, with his bravado and self-confidence exuding. yet not over-the-top.

I aim to reel him in, as a client, now that he has a new consulting business, to cultivate his worthiness to the business community, after too many years of his corporate drudgery (his words).

And LinkedIn is the place to do this, so how well he expresses why he does what he does will be the required assignment to raise him above the dreary competition.

LinkedIn wallflowers never get to dance. If they could, they would, right?