Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Calling it as I see it, lately

There’s a sick person on the train and you are stuck awaiting EMTs to transport him/her until you and hundreds others can continue on our way.

Or you miskeyed the address in your calendar and cannot find the appointed meeting place.

Or as recently happened to me, my car was rear-ended and I had to await the police, the fire department, and a tow. Me: out of control of this situation, them: no idea what time I was going to be able to arrive to meet the other 8 people. (I’m fine; my car is not!)

In these situations you make a cell call or to text the other person(s) in the meeting to warn them. It’s what well-mannered adults do, right? And like all professionals, you turn to your mobile LinkedIn app to call up the LinkedIn profile(s) and find their mobile number(s) to call/text.

But they didn’t list their phone number in their LinkedIn contact details!

Uh oh.

Take my advice: be sure your cell number is on your LinkedIn profile. Here’s how.

Then if I need to warn you that I am delayed, it’s easier for both of us. While I pride myself on being early to everything, sometimes I am out of complete control of my environment, even though I thought I planned ahead.

Yes, life happens, a cell phone number on your LinkedIn contact details makes messaging more efficient and timely.


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