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10 things to do once you have landed…

{Finishing (for now) with the employment theme on LinkedIn, from the past 2 days,}

eagle landingYou did it, you landed that position. Bravo/Brava.

Now what? How can using LinkedIn help you further? You are not done….I have a few ideas.

And you will want to layer these on in a timeframe that makes sense to you, depending on your personality and preferences, but here’s a 10-item laundry list. (I know it’s a lot, but I did say do this over time!)

  1. Place the new job in your Experience section with a brief job description, starting with “I am pleased to announce that I have started my new career challenge as a {generic description} at {company}. My primary role is to {what} {where} {when}.” (Perhaps here is also where you also want to thank the personal referral or source of the new position if this is warranted.)
  2. That change in your Experience section in turn will send a job change announcement to all people you are connected to.
  3. That will result in congratulations from some of these connections.
  4. That means you need to thank them for their kind wishes and use this as an opportunity to revive conversation with those of whom could be helpful in your new position.
  5. Close out the timeframe of your most recent previous job in your Experience section.
  6. Get involved in Groups that pertain to your new position, and listen for a week or so to the conversations here to see what you can learn, add to, or query from these experts.
  7. Thank these fellow Group members for their insights and decide if they warrant a connection as well.
  8. Write new posts or share new articles that you come across in your new position that makes you a sharer of material to colleagues in your field. Be sure this is ok with the social media policy of your company if applicable.
  9. Author essays on LinkedIn that show your expertise and thought leadership on behalf of your company and within your industry. Again, mind the policies.
  10. Finally, keep us apprised of accomplishments along the way: certifications, organizations, courses, publications, patents of applicable, etc.

If you don’t tell us, we will not know.

If you tell us we will cheer you on.

Be open and visible. 

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