Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Door number 1? 2? 3?

{Continuing with the employment theme on LinkedIn, from yesterday,}

hallwayThe search for a new position, whether you are under-employed and looking for something better, or unemployed and urgently seeking matches to open positions, is a long walk with open or closed doors to select from.

How do you best spend the energy and time to win this game?

Since you never know when you will need a LinkedIn profile to speak for you to casual readers, my primary advice is to keep yours up-to-date and polished.

Your archaic backward-looking resume, while still needed, may precede you to an interview. But a smart interviewer will read up about you on your LinkedIn profile, a living document with your past describing how you arrived at your present and your present predicting your future possibilities. Write it well. Your interviewer will appreciate you better and you’ll get to drive the conversation more directly.

And once that new job is in hand, keep that profile continually updated. LinkedIn after all, is not a job board or resume substitution. It’s the currency of new business prospects and relationships in all you past, present and future work positions.

Walk the hallway, be ready to show your stuff on LinkedIn. select from the various doors, and keep striding on!

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