Today's LinkedIn Nugget

All a matter of perspective

welcomediff perspYour LinkedIn profile is not purely an exercise in you writing about you.

It succeeds when you write about yourself in a way that someone else reads it and then is called to action to want to know you better.

Or put another way, you have nanoseconds to make an initial impression. Be welcoming to the reader.

No casual reader spends much time on a factoid-stuffed profile, boring them to move on. No one asked you to strut your stuff to impress yourself. Nor do they want to read your profile when you present yourself in either of those ways.

Be attractive enough to make the reader want to know more by contacting you so you can take the sales process from there, by phone or in person, as the latter 2 are the best way to ultimately seal the deal.

And you know my mantra, tell why you.

Your LinkedIn profile just acts as the teaser to welcome the reader in to your world. Make them want to stay a bit longer.


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