skunkYou’ve seen the TV ad: Jimmy, a teenager, has gone “noseblind” to the stinky gym sock smell in his bedroom, but thanks to mom, a certain air freshener to the rescue, and the offensive odors are eliminated!

A new client has amazing credentials in business and volunteer work. He re-wrote his profile as a first draft after my first coaching session.

Unh-unh, I said, not good enough. You can and must look better, I suggested.

Second draft still not good enough. As I told him: “You have more to tell. You are more than what you show. You have a career story to tell further.”

A few more iterations, no longer noseblind to his accomplishments and passion to help  others as demonstration of his ability, why he does what he does.

We all take the easy way out and hide behind our fear of talking about ourselves, and by being noseblind, our profiles will smell funny.

Perhaps stink.

Don’t be noseblind, please.