renew refresh reset

Like me, perhaps you had a few days off to plan, to reassess, to repurpose.

Because that’s what professionals do, and not only during holidays vacation periods. But somehow the cusp of a new year is a most logical time to ponder this.

Did you come up with any great new approaches to streamline your efforts, to realign your intentions with their past outcomes, to repackage, or in perhaps in your  case, to repurpose, yourself in a new wrap?

I hope you did some thinking along these lines.

Then, is the 2019 “you” out of alignment with the 2018 LinkedIn ‘you” such that a casual reader would feel a disconnect between how you describe yourself and how your career story reads?

Then you have some “splainin'” to do.

Get started. While the new you is clearer in your refreshed mind and you can set your branding tone for the dawning new year up accordingly.