dimYes, you read this last year too, and it still speaks to me, so I have updated it and hope you enjoy it. 

Everyday life has a way of inspiring me to see things in a new light, find a LinkedIn twist and opine on it.

Some days are easier than others. Sometimes I can lay down a week’s worth of blog posts in advance, all in one sitting, and schedule them out as a series. Not always. Often you can see the light on in my office at 600 or 630am as I am pounding out that day’s 800am blog installment with a late-coming inspiration I encountered.

I have published 251 posts here so far in 2018 (including this one).  These are my top 5 blog posts of all time on connect2collaborate, and as an aside, I re-read them myself and feel they may just be worth your review:

  1. Character Limits on LinkedIn
  2. 5 sources to get more creative with the #LinkedIn background photo
  3. Re-ordering your Publications on #LinkedIn
  4. Have We Met? Do We Know Each Other?
  5. What To Wear To My LinkedIn Headshot Photo Shoot?

Thanks to the 2018 guest bloggers this past year: Doug Fraim, Rob Thomas, David Shriner-Cahn, and Jayne Latz. Any one want to volunteer for 2019?

Thanks to all of you for your readership and commentary.

So as I dim the blog light for 2018, I wish you a happy, bright holiday (however you celebrate) and healthy, prosperous new year 2019.

I will be back on January 2nd.