“Asking nothing in return, they gave of their time, their talent, and their means to translate an idea into reality.”

(I wish I had a wider angle lens to better capture this plaque in the entry of a nonprofit client, but I wanted you to read the thought again).

So well said.

Do you have a vision, something you foresee to bring to reality? I implore you to plan it,  follow it through execution, and show it, even if your envisioned project is not as grand as the location I photographed this.

Past-present-future on LinkedIn: I’ve explored this here often. Make your past improve your present, and your present plan your future. Tell us where you came from , where you are, where you see yourself going, all possible on LinkedIn.

Be a seer.

PS, there will not be another blog post until 12/26/18 so happy holiday and all the best from me to you.