You stand in the middle of your unique connection group, those who are carefully selected and well-known to you, a trusted entourage of colleagues who are willing to help you when you ask.

Then moving outward from the center of the energy circle, the connections-of-your-connections are perhaps helpful to you if you cite your friend(s) in common or your mutual friend asks the 2nd level connection to help you. Perhaps they do or perhaps they don’t.  You have less sway over these folks.

And the 3rd level connections have no incentive to help you unless their DNA is wired that way, and yes, there are many amazing people out there who will, but far fewer than in the closer circles to you.

The concentric circle of LinkedIn influence is the premise behind my logo. C2C-logo-(small)

And the same paradigm is true of your connections, as they have the same potential power within LinkedIn as you do.

And here’s a true, happy story of circles of influence, to me and from me:

  1. I coached a very experienced and capable PR person and our work was eye-opening to him.
  2. He referred me to a friend who is an interim executive on short assignments, and we had an equally excellent training experience, with me winning a great new friend as well as an exceptional colleague.
  3. Then the interim exec referred me to a friend who I coached during her career quandary, needing to refine her LinkedIn profile to express her value proposition in a very erudite industry.
  4. Her LinkedIn profile will be the complement to her upcoming resume re-write,  referred to my fave career coach, and her upcoming new headshot to my talented preferred photographer.

What goes around comes around, concentrically, from the center out and back toward the center.