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#LinkedIn: a moving target

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Yes, I admit frequent LinkedIn changes can become a blur, like too much to focus on at any one time. Try teaching it and the location of the lesson is changing on you each day…ahem, “it was right here yesterday”…ah the life of a LinkedIn trainer…

But have you noticed? LinkedIn’s changing, and it seems to be a daily event.

Graphics are getting bolder and more refined, like when you input your two-factor authentication.

But have you noticed the less subtle changes too?

  • They farmed out the Help Center to a third-party, so be prepared for disjointed answers and slow responses to direct queries.
  • And while we are on the Help Center, it takes extra clicks to get to the body of knowledge. You have to wade through a Quick Help function first as an interim step.
  • Perhaps you knew this: they eliminated the ability to capture email addresses from search results.
  • Bet you didn’t know this (and I learned more about the algorithm for search results from my colleague Andy Foote–many thank Andy!) in his recent post.
  • And a final tidbit: an Events section will come to you soon, slowly spreading globally, although I still don’t have it…to announce to connections the events you are attending or facilitating. Just like the good old days, until they took this away a few years ago. Now it’s back. Use it to meet and cultivate connections.

Keep an eye out and let me know if I missed anything. I’ll gladly combine your input of changes you noticed into another blog post here.

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