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Seventh of 10 top #LinkedIn tips for holiday parties

holiday partyWhere did 2018 go? I recall as a kid that a year took forever. Now it seems each year flies by, supersonically. We are fast approaching the time for holiday parties and group get-togethers, either business or social. Or a combination.

Expect to meet new people? Anticipate reacquainting with others? Catching up with old friends?

Get a hold of the attendee list and earmark a few you want to meet and greet. Memorize their headshot so you can spot them in a crowd and approach them. Research how they describe themselves and their work on LinkedIn to see where you share alma maters, common threads, or mutual interests. Bringing these mutual factors into the conversation makes you more interesting, as you explore deeper connectivity. It’s not being creepy–it’s smart business conversation.

As part of that conversation, let them know your value proposition, not overselling, but being proud of what you bring to the proverbial table. Perhaps they need your services. Perhaps they know others who do. Perhaps they don’t realize it yet. Perhaps someone in the room will speak to them a bit later on and that makes you an immediate and available referral. No time like the present!

It’s a process. You have to work it:

7. Later….And at the end of that second face-to-face follow-up meeting when you went deeper and broader into ways to collaborate, and only if you like that other person, respect that other person, think that other person is refer-able to your entourage, did you agree to connect on LinkedIn? No one is making you connect; you have to want to include them in the entourage you surround yourself with and want to be seen associating with great connections.

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