Yesterday I spoke about renovating your LinkedIn profile and how timely it is at this point in the calendar cycle.

A mantra can be an easily-envisoned repeated guide to get you to LinkedIn karma, and let’s explore these steps.

Repeat after me:

  • Inspire: get inspired, show it and you will inspire others. Think about how you can inspire prospective clients and referral partners.
  • Dream big: always appear optimistic and rosy, even if  dark clouds seem ready to open up on you. Be a bright light to inspire (there’s that word again) others.
  • Create: take that inspiration and big dream and create a woven tapestry of your career story, unfolding daily, with the excitement of what the next moment may to bring; be infectiously creative.
  • Get busy: you have to get started, so why not now? Stay busy and get it done. Rework it, tweak it, show it to others to critique, and you have created a masterpiece of  you as a brand. Then strut that creation top entice others to bask in your glow.

Inspire, dream big, create, get busy.