Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Renew to renovate to refocus


Everything needs a facelift every so often, just to keep up outward impressions and more importantly,  perceived reliability.

This sign hanging in a hotel in NYC is one new aspect of their renovation, noticeable on the way to the elevators to the guest rooms. New decor, with a message to come down the next morning refreshed and renewed.

It got me thinking about my exhortation to renovate your LinkedIn profile. I am still doing that too, so I expect you need to as well. Yes, it takes work, but it’s an investment in your brand.

Perhaps you need to add a metaphoric fresh coat of paint, updating older information you posted before, demonstrating your progress and ongoing career story.

It might be that your profile is so tired that you need to tear the walls down, yank up the floor boards and gut the whole thing. Yes, I can hear you moan, but I counter-moan that you know you need to do this, so nip away one piece and one section at a time, thus creating a beautiful newly renovated profile.

Renewal at holiday time comes at a point in the year that allows us to refocus on prospects for the next day, the next month, or for the next year.

My advice: repaint, renovate, renew now and in January you can hit the round running. 

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