And we’re back after the holiday. I hope yours was restful.

Look what I found during the weekend that you want to know about:

I searched for a connection to read his profile. As I scrolled down, I was asked a question by the LinkedIn statistical gnomes:



I wonder how many people will click the box for his/your/my top skill, how LinkedIn selects these 4 “top” skills and what they do with that data from the responses.

So I clicked “learn more” in the graphic:


OK, I get that we live in a data collection world. And we can rate by yelp, star, and thumbs-up on a lot of services and products. But on skills?

You already know my love-hate with skills and endorsements.

This additional information doesn’t go to the person you rated, just to the amorphous LinkedIn data cloud. So if the rated is not getting feedback from the raters, what’s the incentive to offer input to top skills? Will the quality of these ratings be reliable? They already are not…

And, as the mind races: who uses it? How? Why?

I need more information, please. I wish I had an answer to these obvious questions.

I’m all for LinkedIn improvement.

LinkedIn, if you are reading me, just share the good stuff with us, please? Maybe one day you will.