c2cturkeyI write this article every year and the LinkedIn changes I deem worthy of comment from one writing to another are really quite amazing. For my non-USA readers, any day is a good day to give thanks but in the USA we choose the third Thursday of November. Today marks 3 business days until Thanksgiving, and I will release one thing to be thankful for each of the next days before the holiday.

Thanks LinkedIn, for being a great partner pre-agreeing to the premise and outline of ideas in my newest book which became a 2018 reality I self-published.

May I suggest either of my 2 books on Amazon for those of you looking for a unique holiday gift–zero calories and it won’t be regifted—but it will help them remember you as a generous, collaborative friend! It’s me talking to the reader about how to make your brand better using LinkedIn to express why you do what you do.

Does that sound good?