c2cturkeyI write this article every year and the LinkedIn changes I deem worthy of comment from one writing to another are really quite amazing. For my non-USA readers, any day is a good day to give thanks but in the USA we choose the third Thursday of November. Today marks 6 business days until Thanksgiving, and I will release one thing to be thankful for each of the next days before the holiday.

Thanks for allowing me to stuff my ever-changing “self” into 120 characters, including spaces, in my Headline. It’s an exercise in word economy to make my brand compelling. It’s not fun, and still mine is not fully completed to my satisfaction, though I have been very diligent in crafting and recrafting my Headline.

(Pssst…I was tipped off about a way to use up to 200 characters, so ask me–a test of who is reading this–and I’ll tell you how.)

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