Today's LinkedIn Nugget

What’s coming; have good taste

give thanksToo often we roll past the times we should stop and thank someone. Or get wound up and not endorse someone for a skill they exhibited. Or just fail to recommend someone for a job really well done.

Nonetheless, please find the time and the right words to express it. Don’t get distracted from doing so.

It’s the season to feel thankful, so show it in any of the above most appropriate ways.

It feels good inwardly to recognize someone. It reflects well on your character. It makes the recipient feel even more worthy. It’s just a good and tasteful thing to do.

And on each of the next few days leading up to Thanksgiving, I’ll be expressing my thanks, as I do annually this time of year, for LinkedIn things that I appreciated in 2018.

But first and foremost to you: thanks so very much for reading and commenting. I hope you enjoy the next few days’ musings, right up to the holiday.

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