fence and treesI recently returned from an R&R trip to southwestern Vermont. A few days off to absorb the quiet and the beauty of nature, away from the city and the suburbs to the country.

Culture abounds there: art, music, museums, lectures, and humor. We were fortunate to listen to a talk by New Yorker cartoonist Ed Koren (click here and you will instantly recognize the uniqueness of his art and his humor.) His new book “In the Wild” is just out.

A New York City native, he relocated to rural Vermont and contributes cartoons to the New Yorker and gives back to his community as a good citizen firefighter, incorporating his everyday surroundings and observations of the encroaching urban change he senses affecting the countryside into his art.

He used the term “cosmopolites and ruralites” in his talk, about how Vermont is changing, poking fun at those who are visiting or migrating there on weekends (and longer) to decompress, and their societal effect on the area.

No matter your location, attitude, or urban/suburban/rural identity, you can meet your daily life as an amusing and enjoyable venture such as Koren has.

I learned a lot from his talk. How to be honest, unscripted, and genuine.

Be that way on LinkedIn too, if that is you.

Be real. Even if some days you feel you are “in the wild.”