Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Sit with me a spell…

chairs paintingThe election is over. The results are mostly in…we know where the country is headed. You may or may not agree with that direction, but we need to come together.

Set forth your own original observation, opinion, or musing on LinkedIn we can all benefit from, in business, economics, whatever, just not political, as I think we have had enough by now, and put it out there for your connections, followers, fellow Group members and other readers to see, think about.

To add to.

To explore beyond.

To help us all benefit from the thought leadership you and your colleagues can offer others on LinkedIn.

Please be kind and insightful.

Not ready to throw your own towel in the ring? Offer someone else’s material that you came across, properly cited with URL, and your brief intro as to why it is beneficial to read.

It’s a good habit to bring an additional chair into the discussion group, if the participants are visible or not.

Painting by Terry Findeisen “Portrait of a Conversation” 47″ x 69″, acrylic on paper, my photo from an exhibit at the Southern Vermont Arts Center.

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