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Too often I get a comment, “The last LinkedIn trainer who was here didn’t go to the lengths you went.”

Good. The comment came from someone who wants to learn more. I want to give them more, and in a way they never experienced. My tagline: “we exceed expectations.”

There is a need to teach best LinkedIn best practices in brand marketing to entrepreneurs, professional practitioners, and nonprofit professionals. Not only have I done that, but I continue to serve as a LinkedIn evangelist to “convert {any remaining} non-believers.” And I will aways will be ready to jump in to assist these populations.

Now I am beginning to turn my efforts to baby boomers who sought a graceful retirement, only to find out there’s so much more they can offer in an encore career. But how should they package themselves as a brand?

Unsurprisingly, I have the secret sauce, prepared just for them!

Sugar- and salt-free.

Low-calorie but tasty.

Yes, I can teach an older professional new tricks, and maybe they learn slightly differently than other generations, however they need to know the impression of their worth in the market, especially in a new career thrust, will be branded by the quality of their LinkedIn profile. 

Bring it on, boomers!