Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Now’s a good time…

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Is there ever a good time to renovate your LinkedIn profile?

Consider thousands of other things you’d rather do. And how you put off the hard introspection of why you do what you do and never got around to writing it, and rewriting it, month after month.

Now’s as good a time as any to get started.

One month all but gone in this last quarter, two more left, and you know how busy those next months get!

Some ideas to get that extra oomph, if I may be so bold:

  • My public sessions, waning down as we get toward year-end.
  • My books: a great holiday gift to yourself or to others who are also similarly stuck. In paper or e-book, for you on-the-go. (PS, the nonprofit book also has an online e-course so you can pace yourself over the 2 hours of additional recorded material that complements the book.)
  • My private coaching, four 90-minute personalized sessions over 6 weeks (room still available to year-end) so contact me for the curriculum, or
  • Give any of the above as a gift to someone who can benefit from it. I’ve been “gifted” before and passed along within families.

Please move forward to anticipate a great start to 2019, but different than this past year, you have to take the initiative to tell your career story on LinkedIn in a narrative of the brand of why you do what you do.

Tick, Tick, Tick.