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Gotta love technology. Or at least respect it.

Being a good LinkedIn boy scout, I come to each session prepared with multiple backups of my visual presentation: cloud, USB thumb drive, on my device’s desktop.

And once in a while I sweat bullets trying to figure out what to do, how to make just one of these fallbacks fall back into place so I can successfully start my presentation.

I always arrive at the venue 1/2 hour early, knowing many things can go wrong and will need to be fixed to make the start time work.

Some things are out of my control, like the time the host did not know the password to the wi-fi in the room. In the nick of time, that was remedied.

Or sometimes it takes a simple restart of my computer while attached to the projector to make the 2 synch.

Or the power suddenly shuts off in the building as you start the session and you tap dance like a fiend.

Or LinkedIn is playing behind the scenes with that very section I am demonstrating, so I can’t show what I wanted to.

Or sometimes, as I saw recently (not to me, thankfully!) the gods of technology will not cooperate, despite 5 tech gurus huddled around the projector to connect it to the presentation, and the session had to be scrubbed. I felt badly for them, as they tried valiantly and nothing was working, not even a restart as I suggested worked for me once, and I never forgot that trick.

Advisory: test, simulate, go on site early, anticipate all possibilities, have the contact details for the local techie, do all you can to make it a win for everyone, especially for your reputation as a professional presenter. (My readers who present to the public will identify with this).

1 thought on “Techno-glitches”

  1. Love it! Yep, almost happened to me this past
    Wednesday. “I.T. person thought they had the correct adapter for my MacBook and they did
    (Brand new) and the HDMI port didn’t work on
    their brand new adapter! Of course I had my own
    and it worked fine.

    Do most know that if you try and use a VGA
    Adapter with a Keynote presentation AND NOT
    AN HDMI port that the imbedded video WONT
    WORK? Their “I.T. staff member” didn’t.

    Actually tested it all THE DAY BEFORE so that
    I wouldn’t look like the example you wrote about.


    Thanks for connecting!

    Rob Thomas
    Founder, Networking In Diners
    and Creator of the Rob Thomas Method (RTM)
    (203) 641-1714


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