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Grateful for adversity


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I am usually grateful for adversity, but not in the heat of the moment, but rather see its lessons well after it has passed.

I absorb something from every challenge, to improve something, to foresee something, to plan for something that was not obvious the first time around.

I recoiled obstinately when I was first introduced to LinkedIn, not thinking it would help me. I reflect back at how wrong I was, not as a business opportunity which it soon became for me, but in how it could have organized my then 3 Rolodexes into a manageable electronic database to use for my brand marketing.

I learn from the mistakes that I make and that I am only responsible for. It’s not like my old days in corporate America where the blame fell with a thud on one, several, or a department. My small business doesn’t allow me to hide. I have to take responsibility for myself and the vendors I represent, when my clients are right, or wronged (not a typo).

The seminar speaker who provided me the title to this blog piece was speaking about how the death of her brother taught her important lessons. Not as tragic, I learn from my losses and misses. I carry the scars and improvements with me in the cycle of my present and future, as learned from my past.

There’s a LinkedIn tie-in, no surprise, and that is this simple idea: make your profile tell your career story:

  • if you took a job that was just wrong for you, tell what you learned from that mistake.
  • if you were fired for some reason, gingerly admit that you have made amends mentally and moved on to greater success, despite a step back.
  • if you are unemployed, no need to be ashamed, embrace it and bravely charge ahead with the experience and skill set you have to offer.
  • if you took time off for a personal issue like caring for a sick relative, tell the barebones of that situation to ford the time gap and what you learned in that time.

Learn from adversity. Absorb and repackage the challenges so you are respectable as a seasoned, though perhaps bruised candidate for your goals. Tell us.

Bruises disappear, scars fade. Be human and admit your past is behind you with a shining face to the present and the future. Tell us on LinkedIn.

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