Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Staying “app to date”

LI_mobile_coffee_smallI was demonstrating how to take “native video” at a training session the other day and suggested everyone go through the steps with me, on their respective mobile devices, to see how easy it was to do.

And then it got complicated.

“Go to your LinkedIn app on your iPhone or Android phone,” I started. “Go to the Home page and at the top right you will see a small icon that looks like a video camera. Press it.”

A wave of confusion washed over me. “I don’t have one,” “I don’t see it,” “Can you help me?”

I deduced quickly that their LinkedIn apps were woefully old. Not updated. Ancient, in fact, because I have been using native video for over a year.

Reader, update your app, please. We are at version 9.12.3163.1. Go the app store and select the updates you need. Or delete the app and reload the newest version.

You can manually update the app ad hoc or let your device do it automatically for you. Access to the LinkedIn updates means the latest amenities like the current new version of Groups (an improvement), and native video (which the attendees could have been utilizing for their benefit over a year ago).

If I sound snarky, and I have been convicted of that in the past, it’s an easy change to make on a continuous basis, but many in the room that morning had never done.

Now they have mastered it, as I suggested.

They have all the other improvements on LinkedIn coming their way. 

Be app to date.