Today's LinkedIn Nugget

A shot in the arm

vaccination-1215279_640I got my flu shot last week, administered by a pharmacist. The flu is going around earlier this year. I wanted to be covered and not get infected, or infect others. Like an elderly person, a child, someone with compromised immunity, anyone!

Makes sense to me.

I never get the flu as a by-product.

It cost me nothing. And I was given a gift card from the pharmacy to use in the big box store they are located in, as an additional incentive. Not much, but it’s play money, like a found bill in your pocket.

Get your flu shot please.

Other than some minor ache in my arm that evening, it was a breeze. I’m a little bit wealthier too. Ha!

We all will appreciate your not being viral.

Except on social media, LinkedIn in particular.