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I am satisfied by volunteering as an outlet for sharing and giving back to others.

No matter to whom or how you offer your time, expertise or money, do it. Start today.

Giving Tuesday is coming November 27, 2018. Think about how you can contribute on this one special day.

Like my father’s answer to me as a kid about why there is no Children’s Day yet there is a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day, he replied “everyday is Children’s Day.” I didn’t buy it then. As a volunteer, pro bono expert, Board member, or donor, make every day a “Giving xday,” not waiting for a special once a year event.

I volunteer and teach baby boomers how to best put themselves out there on LinkedIn. I am also (not often enough) a SCORE mentor with a specific expertise that I have and will offer to entrepreneurs to excel.

For those organizations that benefit from my expertise, I am glad to mention some of them on my LinkedIn page, not that this makes me a nice guy, but it shows my profile reader I give back rather than just take. I do other volunteer things too, ad hoc, as needed, as time allows.

On your LinkedIn profile, please be sure to explain what benefits you offer the nonprofits and organizations you offer your expertise to, so we know.

If you don’ tell us, we will not be aware of your giving back on Giving Tuesday or any other day.