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…I post long-form essays on LinkedIn called “articles.”

My readership analytics are down for the past few articles.

Of recent articles, you  mught want to look over the one I posted the other day. And “like” it (easy to do; 2 so far), or comment on (1 so far), and/or share with others whom you think may benefit from what I am suggesting.

My most popular-of-all-time is this one. Surely, the rest get views and comments and are shared, but not as much. I wonder:

  • Maybe the readership is tired of long items, not having enough attention bandwidth.
  • Perhaps the topics I choose to cover are not interesting to others.
  • Could it be these articles are not “how-to” enough?

You already tell me, via your actions and gestures.

Or not.

But I shall persevere and continue to write what I think is useful, informative, analytical, and beneficial to those who stop by and spend the time.

Because I have something to offer others. You already tell me that.

And often the satisfaction is deferred and comments come back months, even a year,later. Like the one I received back from a reader in Iran, in Farsi, which my friend translated: a sincere thank-you for posting it.

Does this blog suffice for my spreading my POV? Perhaps. But in my estimation, my audience on this blog and on my LinkedIn profile are completely different in many respects. So I rarely send the same thing out to these diverse audiences.

So read on here or there, or not; I am not dissuaded. I promised you that I would put my thoughts out as a relevant LinkedIn coach and trainer, for others to absorb. I just need to find the right words every business day in the blog, and then some overarching observation in my articles. Onward!