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Appreciation shown in a new way


I work with a number of nonprofits and know quite a few talented consultants to nonprofits. This bit of news caught me off guard in that I had never heard of such a thing: a very nice gesture.

My consultant-friend was being honored by her nonprofit client at its annual gala for her years for dedicated service. Not the usual heavy-hitter donor appreciation gala. In her words:

{They} have been my client for over 20 years and I’ve watched them grow from a small neighborhood group to a powerhouse multi-service organization with dozens of locations and hundreds of employees serving tens of thousands of people.

It’s never been about cost savings that I offer, but always has been about quality coverage and first-rate service I provide. I have always been responsive,  professional and thorough…in return they have been loyal.

It’s been a great partnership and continues to grow…

How very exciting for my colleague to be recognized in this way.

Consultant-client relationships should be collegial and collaborative. We each grow with the other. I’ve seen similar situations in my 17 years handling online payment processing for nonprofits nationwide, my other business.

With time, I hope to have the same effect with my LinkedIn teaching to nonprofits as well.

Do you have a unique story about getting or giving recognition for a job well done?


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