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….and he turned out to be a dud of a connection, (not responsive, not reliable as a referral, so he is a lost cause!)

…and she didn’t actually have the credentials and/or skills her profile said she had (she lied or exaggerated and you found her out!)

…and the Group I’m in, or the company profile I followed, is no longer relevant to my then-anticipated needs (so why stay attached?)

Those are just a few real-life reasons you need to cut bait with people or groups or companies.

Keep LinkedIn tidy, folks.

This self-imposed vacuuming will free up your Home Page to turn your attention to the more relevant material coming your way.

And to answer the most frequently asked question I get in my sessions: no, your connection will not get a LinkedIn message saying you disconnected from him/her. Or the whole Group will not get a notice. Or the company will not be notified that you stopped following it.

Whew! Now you have some housecleaning work to do…