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You’re out of order!

hourglass1Calendrically speaking that’s OK. You can be out of date order on LinkedIn.

I am.

I call myself a multipreneur and like many of you, I operate 2 contemporaneous businesses:

  • My online payments business is my first, 2001-present
  • The LinkedIn coaching and training business, what I stress on LinkedIn (not surprisingly) started second, 2010-present.

But I show the LinkedIn business first on the Experience section of my profile. I choose to “lead” with it first, especially on LinkedIn of course!

If you want to switch the order on your profile, just drag and drop the 4 horizontal lines at the top right of the job section, up or down, as the case may be. Easy.

You too may have a reason to switch the order of concurrent positions.

Past positions should be obviously shown historically, with correct start date and end dates. Be sure the dates of all your positions match up so a reader can follow the path(s) you took in your career from one job to the other.

Be sure to show old jobs’ end dates. So many people forget to do that and they show an old job as still occupied and open at the present.

Explain any time gaps in excess of 4-6 months. It will conjure up fewer false assumptions if you take the upper hand and describe why there are open periods. Rest assured, nearly everyone understands being unemployed for periods of time, as you searched for the next right position, or changed from one role or industry to another. Just be honest.

So as you can see, the calendar need not be your constraining, ultimate yardstick, in all cases.

Control LinkedIn to tell YOUR story.

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