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An unscientific finding on chemistry with my clients

chemistryIf I speak to a potential client on the phone, and we openly discuss how we can work together, and I professionally like that person, I offer at the end of the call that I will ask to connect with him/her on LinkedIn.

The very next thing I do is send a personalized connection request, citing our phone call (for context JIC they read it in a week or two) and reiterate the possible way(s) we can work together, at a high level view for emphasis. And I send it off. So far, I lived up to my half of the deal.

My unscientific theory of the chemistry between us: my research indicates that the faster they reply to, and accept, my LinkedIn connection invitation, the higher my chances of landing the business.

If you are a reader of my blog from the Nobel Prize for Chemistry nominating committee, please take notice (ha!).

Why is this finding significant to you too? Classical marketing teaches that it’s the number, and especially the quality, of “touches” that make the target feel the warmth of the offer: the opportunity I portray, the value in my modus operandi, the need I can fill, the pain I can relieve.

Added: it’s that I do what I say I will do, and do so very soon after I mention it. I pride myself that no one waits for me to reply or perform a task. If I offer to do something, or they ask for something, they get it, soon.

A rarity these days, unfortunately.

So think of the “touches” and the quality perception of why you, as you use LinkedIn, as just one power tool in your marketing toolbox.

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