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Belatedly, happy World Teachers Day

I missed it. I bet a lot of others did too. World Teachers Day was this past Friday.

If you ever taught you know how hard it is and how rewarding it can be.

  • Being a teacher to any age group challenges you to have all bases covered in your lesson.
  • It reinforces to you how much more there is to know about your chosen field that always leaves room to learn.
  • We can all learn from those we teach.
  • Teachers do a lot more than just teach.

I especially admire teacher Gabriel Bol Deng. Yes, click here to look at his astonishing accomplishments: his and his village in South Sudan, and all the people he touches! I am proud to know him and read his progress.

So I wish all teachers a happy belated World Teachers Day. Globally. At all levels. Past, present and future.

Psst…Teachers, a few tweaks on your LinkedIn profiles might be in order, when you get a spare minute…



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