nativedieowJayFrostNative video is defined on Wikipedia as “video that is uploaded to or created on social networks and played in-feed, as opposed to links to videos hosted on other sites. Native video formats are specific to each social platform and are designed to maximise video engagement (i.e. number of views), discovery and distribution.”

I had the pleasure of hosting Jay Frost, a colleague, friend, and guru in the field of nonprofit donation strategy, when he was visiting my little town the other day.

We spent a fruitful and most enjoyable time catching up, after not seeing each other for a few years, and planned how to collaborate further.

In this case, native video has an additional meaning with me being the native as we shot the video in my favorite coffee shop in my town. (Nyuck nyuck.)

To commemorate this event, we shot a native video together and then posted to our respective social media feeds, LinkedIn included, of course.

We shared it with people we each influence, but also attracted the attention of  people we do not know in each other’s connection groups. So much the merrier. Many people saw the video, liked it and commented.

Why is native video interesting? Because it’s different, it’s compelling out of sheer curiosity, it’s fast, and it’s casual.

We need more of that informality these days, as video is typically formalized and staged. This was anything but rigid, except I will admit to pulling our 2 chairs together and shooting it outside for less distraction and noise to others. That’s it: fast and fun.

We smiled, laughed, and chatted our way through the 2 minute 50 seconds and you can see it here.

Try native video on LinkedIn, capture the moment and the mood, make a localized splash with native video. Or next time we are together, ask me to include you in one.


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