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Balance: why you do what you do

balamceJust when you think there’s the possibility that things might crumble, you find the proper counterweight.

Just when gravity seems to be exerting is relentless force, you find equilibrium.

Like this ad hoc stone sculpture at a local beach, your (and my) balance comes from careful placement, practice, experienced expertise.

As entrepreneurs we ride a rollercoaster of slow, then busy schedules, low then ample incoming cash, introspective times then booming vocalized ideas. No warning.

How do you stand out from the noise and show yourself off best? In everything you do, especially on your LinkedIn profile:

  • tell us the story behind your coping in a troubled time.
  • explain the need you feel to offer your services (or goods) to the market.
  • examine the unique value proposition you exemplify that is so needed today.
  • provide a balanced, thoughtful profile with examples from you and your endorsers/recommenders about the difference you made to someone.
  • then we “get” it: anecdotes, narratives, and examples of where you excelled all come together.

You have to tell us, clearly.

What’s your “why?” 



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