Today's LinkedIn Nugget

“I get a great tan from your sunshine”

woman wearing blue jacket
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I am listening to the biography of Robin Williams in the car. Christopher Reeve, his close friend, is quoted as saying the line in the title to him after he fell from his horse and was paralyzed.

Some people can just make you feel warm and fuzzy in their thoughtfulness, actions and words. Comedy is not necessary in this endeavor. Their aura makes you want to do more, do better, be superman/woman from some element in their persona.

Often we are out of touch with what “it” is.

We can ask others who will be honest, or try to extract it ourselves, taking a 30,000 foot view of our work,  listening to a recording of a talk we gave, or watching a video of us in action.

You have that “something” too, and it’s just waiting for you to bring it out to the reader of your LinkedIn profile.

The rays of warmth from you will easily heat the hearts of everyone you come across.

Find “it”, articulate “it,” and spread “it.”