No matter what you write about yourself, you can do better. You can tell your why, your ikigai, you can improve and enhance your brand.

It takes work, do not be mistaken.

You need a plan, yes an outline, you need to knit together the sections of your LinkedIn profile to tell your career story, like chapters in a novel.

How? Try this:

  • Sit in front of a blank screen on Word and write.
  • Save it.
  • Repeat this process again at a blank screen another day.
  • Do that a few more times on other days.
  • Print them on paper.
  • Use a yellow highlighter to select the best of each iteration.
  • Tie the highlighted “bests” together into a draft
  • Ask trusted friends to review your narrative.

It works. Creating different versions allows you to select the best from each. You need to do this. Once you focus, refine, distill, your career story will come together.

Stand out. Or be forgotten.

Your choice.

But don’t complain you never get any business from LinkedIn if you don’t try my suggestion (yes, an odd number of negatives!).

Be that artist, on your own terms, with your own perspective. Make yourself attractive, your art to be admired.


(Photo taken at Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, NY, of an outdoor sculpture by Robert Indiana)