Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Keep on electronically smiling


The other evening I attended a jazz concert. The leader’s happiness infected his band of 3 excellent musicians.

Now I’ve seen a whole lot of live music and I have never seen such a happy band. These 4 played great music as a team and they smiled and laughed for the entire 2 hours they performed. I enjoyed them enjoying themselves.

It’s a lesson I intend to emulate: smile more as I work, help others smile too, show how I enjoy what I do, pass it along to you.

And since you cannot see me as you read this, be assured I am grinning happily ear-to-ear.

And I will learn to make this a natural part of what I do so in the future when you next see me present to the public and to private groups: part of my ikigai, my raison d’être, my “why” I do that I do. (Of course at this point my kids would be nervous that I will insert some Dad joke here. I couldn’t resist the temptation!).

I crafted my LinkedIn profile to reflect my personality, yet remain professional.

No, this is not a fake mask but a natural part of me, in this blog and everything I do.

You can do this too..