Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Do you grab attention?

intreresting itemsRemember the cultural image of the exotic traveling salesman in Wild West movies and musicals?

Let’s modernize that to today: in your  electronic emporium of trinkets, items from lands far away,  and potent elixirs, do you attract prospective clients and customers?

If you are like me, you use every sensible method of marketing yourself. Some electronic, some not. Whatever it takes to make the reader poke his/her head under my tent and nose around. I want them to interact with me to get an impression of my brand.

But in social media you never know who looks at you because they can leave without a trace, unless you compel them to contact you for more information. And they won’t do that unless you show then something that’s truly interesting enough to move them to act.

That’s how you should approach the narrative in each section of your LinkedIn profile, renovating from your profile’s roof to the cellar, as needed (and it’s almost always needed!), then continuously entrance them and offer ongoing value as a colleague to your connections (articles to share, positive/ additive commentary, and original essays).

Be interesting and active please. No one does business with a wallflower.