Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Pathfinding on #LinkedIn with your own article


Sometimes you just have to break away and pave your own path. Even if it’s just subtly different from the rest of your area/industry/peer group.

It takes self-confidence to offer an opinion, a view, or synthesize a lot of information into a new concept that others may need to know about.

Just positing it as an update is not enough. Yes, it’s faster, and easier, but readers might speculate that it’s just a bit too different.

They need convincing.

You can offer your viewpoint(s) and make your case in a long-form article to anyone and everyone on LinkedIn, all around the world, from your soapbox.

Composing a LinkedIn article takes some effort: use your best persuasive language, a great headline to attract attention, a background graphic. hashtags to draw attention to your topics, etc. to make your point.

Realize the average reader is attention-deprived, distracted by many competing images and noise, and needs to be thoroughly convinced.

Once others read it, share it, comment on it, and/or thank you, you’ll feel the reward. You might even do it again on another topic to share your ideas.

Offer your views to 575 million business professionals globally. Be a pathfinder.