Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Can #LinkedIn get any better?

unlimitedplus_doctoredI am referring to LinkedIn’s piece by piece improvements, slow but methodical.

Is it perfect? By no means!

But is there anything else like it for the global business professional community? No.

So it’s unlimited, but now with a plus…This week the big public announcement from LinkedIn is the all-new Groups revamp, well needed and beyond what was revealed to me and a few others in June at a private focus group I had earlier blogged about.

You can read about the new Groups function here and here, and I also suggest you investigate the topic in the Help Center for details on the upcoming changes, as they are layered in over the next weeks.

But before you get excited (positively or negatively) that this change is coming, have a sober look at your own LinkedIn profile. Does the casual reader get excited there, positively or negatively? Ask colleagues, respected friends, etc. to critique your profile and suggest changes. Why. other than to impress the casual reader of your prowess, is this important?

Going one step beyond the reader and colleagues, Group managers will review your profile to decide to admit you to their groups. Group members will review your profile before they engage with you. Others too: prospective business partners, referrals, hiring managers/recruiters, etc. You know my drill.

So, ask yourself, do you come across as the real deal on LinkedIn? Or boring? Or too flashy? Or best, as yourself, a business professional making a business pitch to the attention-deprived reader?

Using the adjectives “pregnant” or “perfect” as examples, can you be somewhat beyond either? Too much either? With both descriptors, and “unlimited” as well, you are or you are not. Not somewhere on either side of them.

Do you promise too much, offer too little, or hit it just right? Probably not the last one, unfortunately, so probably a buffing up is in order (if you  are to too much/too little). You need to make your brand realistic without going overboard or under.

My inspiration for this blog post was this photo I shot on the train the other day as we rolled past a station’s ad boards. (I apologize for the quality of the photo as the train was moving and the sign was a few tracks away.)

I know I polish my LinkedIn profile continuously to be the best I can be. I try to be real and myself in my profile, yet complete and wholly believable.

Think of ways you can be as “unlimited” as possible and then find your “plus.”