Today's LinkedIn Nugget

One more thing not to leave home without


Other than spare business cards, as we discussed yesterday, be sure you leave your home with a great elevator pitch.

One that makes the listener ask a follow-up question or two. Because they need to know more than what you offered in your brief pitch. Then you can tell if they are listening and curious.

Not too long, just a couple of floors’ elevator travel time.

Practice. A lot.

In front of peers (get critiques from them). In front of a mirror (be sure to smile). Into your mobile phone’s recording app (to listen to how you come across).

Perfect it.

Then twist it towards a business narrative voice (because we speak and write in different manners) and post it to your LinkedIn Headline, using all, or as many of, the 120 characters, with additional spillover questions answered in your Summary.

NOT your title and company name, please. That’s not your elevator pitch, right?

You can do it. Because you have to.