If I obeyed orders and followed the pack, I’d already have retired as a corporate banker. Many of my fellow trainees from my year have.

Not that anything is wrong with banking. It just wasn’t for me.

Neither was corporate finance.

I strayed into entrepreneurship to see if I could make my mark. I did, I believe, create a clearing in now 2 business areas (I call myself a multipreneur) which, by the way, is also straying from the typical mono-business entrepreneurial path! Because I wanted to, I saw the opportunities. I tried, and I can. I dared to find my niches(s). It was a journey, and it still is. It took long hours, 17 years so far, some frustration, elation: yes, a rollercoaster ride.

So adding a twist to the graphic, I followed my own path and now tell the story on my LinkedIn profile.

I explore new tangents from that path to see where they lead, via LinkedIn. Some new connections make me stray a bit as I grow and some make me return to my original destination. But you never know until you open yourself to possibilities.

Do you show your own personal path and the story that took you to it, the past, present, and future on your LinkedIn profile? Do you expand your reach: cautiously and methodically, not promiscuously;, with LinkedIn as well?

You need to.