changetogroupsComing soon to a computer or mobile screen near you!

In early September, LinkedIn will unveil the big change to Groups that they whispered about when I visited their NYC HQ in June.

Change is good, in most cases. That assumes the Group managers do their job well and keep the group vibrant (as many do not!) I admit to being a lax manager of my Groups. I promise to do a better job!

Here’s a glimpse of the changes coming to us:

  1. Access to Groups will be integrated into the desktop and mobile LinkedIn page, not a click of a separate icon to access, so you no longer will need to depart the page you are already on. Good.
  2. Auto-generated email communications, including email digests, announcements, and automated templates, will be discontinued. Good, my email box is full enough.
  3. Moderator roles in the group conversation are being eliminated to become a more free-based forum that Groups can be, optimally. All group members will be able to post and comment without prior approval. Let’s strive to be totally professional!
  4. You will be able to see threads of conversations and be able to edit posts and comments. That’s new and helpful in a protracted conversations among Group members, but I don’t see that often. But, OK, we can now discuss better.
  5. Let’s share native videos, multiple images, and rich embedded links. Hurrah! I needed that a long time ago.
  6. Finally, more details (so far) can be found on the Help Center page.

These changes will be layered into LinkedIn around the world slowly so be patient, and stay tuned…change is good, right? And change is something you can rely on happening in LinkedIn.